Set of 3 Mini Resistance Bands (Light, Medium and Heavy)

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Set of 3 Mini Resistance Bands (Light, Medium and Heavy) Includes small net pouch and exercise guide with 6 of our favourite exercises.

  • What do they do?
    Our fabric resistance bands are designed to provide resistance against your legs as you perform specific movements that require abduction of the hip (moving your leg away from the body). This resistance is what will help activate your gluteus maximus and medius ensuring that all the necessary muscle groups are engaged during the movement. They are designed to target your glutes but secondary muscle groups such as the hamstrings, quadriceps and abdominals are also engaged.
  • What exercises can I do?
    Squats, Crab Walks, Glute Bridge, Kick Backs, Fire Hydrants and more. Because these bands are a thinner version of our original fabric bands, you will be able to complete a wider range of exercises. Details on how to do these exercises are included in our guide.
  • Material:
    Durable high quality stretch fabric cotton with anti-slip latex rings on the inside of the band to provide grip and to ensure that they don’t slip.
  • Size:
    13.4x2inches  Our fabric mini bands are all made to the same length but resistance is added to material to increase the difficulty.
  • Which is best for me?
    There are three levels to choose from: Light, Medium and Heavy. For individuals who are starting on their fitness journey, you may wish to start with a lighter band and as you get stronger, progress on to medium and heavy.
  • What is included:
    3 fabric resistance bands, a small net pouch which will hold your 3 bands. You will also receive a mini exercise guide which details 6 of our favourite exercises


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